Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wow! How fast this past year has gone! Christmas is almost here, and I'm still thinking it's summer time!

This year has been a very different one from any I can recall. I've had an "empty nest" for the entire year, but have managed to keep my life full and busy.
-I've enjoyed several visits with my near by sisters;
-my first out of the country visit.. to Egypt!;
-a summer vacation seeing my brother and my in-laws;
-welcomed two more granchildren;
-took the required courses, finished and past the test for my ministerial credentials; -had a few speaking engagements;
-enjoyed friends, my church, and my home.
-had some minor, unexpected health issues,
-I'm getting "re-acquainted" with my husband, of almost 29 years,
-and looking forward to new adventures in 2011!

Whew... it's been quite a year. One thing has always been constant: my Lord, my Savior, my best friend, my reason for living, my life: Jesus! How grateful I am for His faithfulness, His mercy, His unfailing and unconditional love!

So, 2011: God & I are ready for you! :)

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