Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Reminders

So, my empty nest has been busy this week, as I had the pleasure of babysitting my friend's children for several days. It's been a while since I had to be creative enough to entertain kids for longer than an hour or two! What a challenge!

In some of my entertainment efforts, we walked to the park. As they played joyfully, I sat on the bench watching. It was a beautiful, sunshining day. As I enjoyed hearing them playing make-believe characters and scenarios, I was enthralled at how well they played together one minute, then were arguing the next. Each one had a different idea, or "better" idea of how the game should be played, and who gets to go first, etc.

I thought of what view God must have when He watches us. How he must enjoy our delights, giggle at our games, and watch as we work out our little frustrations with each other.

There did come those points, at the park, where I had to step in to get things "calm" and under control again - much like God does for us, I'm sure.

I enjoyed God's sweet reminder.