Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Adventure

Well, I'm counting down the days until I leave the country! I have the awesome privilege of joining with 13 others to go to Egypt on a missions trip! Among other things, we'll be providing some medicine, a water filtration system, and eyeglasses.

I also have the great opportunity to speak on several occasions on this trip! Once to a group of pastor's wives, once to a large group of women - up to 500, and a few other times in a tent meeting.. .which is supposed to be about 1500 people present.

With all this in mind, I am feeling quite overwhelmed!! The privilege, the once in a lifetime opportunity to preach to hundreds of people in another country, just being in a different country... this is a first for me, so I am wrestling with many emotions. The biggest seems to be plain ole fear! More fear of the unknown than anything else. Although, the fact that I am not a polished speaker is constantly nagging at me. I am going on this trip prayerfully, and leaning wholly on God's strength, His wisdom, His words, and His power - as I, alone, am nothing.

Recently so many things have happened to "drain" me emotionally, and even spiritually. It seems the constant "pouring out" in the ministry is not always received well, and it hurts so deeply when it is outright rejected. So, it's on the heels of feeling like somewhat of a failure, that I am off on this incredible journey!

I hope to journal this experience, and blog about it when I can. I am SOOOO excited to carry the GOOD NEWS of the hope that Jesus gives to these people that I've never met! I am counting on the prayers of my church, my family, and my friends, and on the strength of my Savior to carry me through this new adventure!

Stay tuned...