Thursday, August 26, 2010

Angi Stephens, G.C,. G.S., B.B.

Well, after almost 30 years of serving in full-time ministry, countless moves, numerous congregations, children, youth, women, couples, and multiple ups and downs, wins and losses... and recently 9 additional courses... I have the opportunity to obtain official MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS with the Assemblies of God!

You may think "big deal"... but, for me - it is! Especially after the officials requested that I send them a "resume'" of my 30 years of ministry. Ha! How does one go about writing out most of their life in terms of a resume?? Teaching, praying, counseling, delegating, training, preaching, crying, winning souls... my whole life documented in a resume? Not easy. But, I made the effort, and I guess they were somewhat impressed, as they said, basically, "you are a minister". I knew that! I guess I've just wanted it acknowledged officially. Funny, huh? For a girl that had a rather difficult childhood, adolescence, obtained "just" a GED, no higher education... it means a lot.

I am grateful, though, in God's grand scheme: all that is required for a resume is His letter of recommendation: "She is my servant"... I'm God's Child, God's Servant, and I'm Blood Bought. There is no greater calling, no greater privilege, and no greater credential than that... Angi Stephens, G.C,. G.S., B.B.